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My first 3-way
My boyfriend and I were camping at Yosemite a couple years ago in the winter. The last night, the weather got so bad we decided to leave the valley and find a motel. We stopped at the first one we came to and I went in to ask about the rooms. The guy behind the counter was about 5'10" with dark hair and a cute face. He told me the rates, and I returned to the van to discuss it with my boyfriend. He said the room would be fine and went in to register. When he returned to the van, he told me that he thought the clerk had been checking him out. We went to our room, and about 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door. It was the clerk, who said he had forgotten to give us a receipt. I took the receipt and thanked him. After he left, I noticed that on the receipt, he had written, "Can I join you two?" So, after a brief nervous discussion, my boyfriend and I decided to give it a try! So my boyfriend went out and invited him in. Eventually, we wound up on the bed taking each other's clothes off. He had a nice line of hair on his stomach; body hair with a pattern like that really drives me crazy. I immediately began licking on that hot patch of hair, and finally worked my way down to his dick. I licked the hair around his cock and then started tonguing him, especially around his balls. In the meantime, his own mouth had worked its way to my boyfriend's dick. Our hands and mouths were all over each other for a couple of hours. I was jerking this guy off while he was kneeling over my boyfriend who was beating himself off. When this guy came, some of his hot sperm ran down my arm, mixing in with my hair, but most of it sprayed onto my boyfriends cock. The slippery sound of this guys cum acting as a lubricant on my boyfriends dick was too much. I begged him to make me cum, and he laid on his back and told me he wanted me to cum on his face. I straddled him and pushed my cock towards his face, and he alternately sucked and stroked me. Finally, while he was licking my balls and jacking my dick, I shot several streams, first on his forehead and then all over his nose, eyes, and upper lip. We all collapsed amongst the great smell of cum. He left after awhile, and when we checked out the next morning, he was already gone.


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